Sacred expeditions peru is a direct operator agency of valley vip places that include the maras moray and chincheros tour, it is a tour we pick you up from your hotel on the route we will see very attractive places fields of animal breeding farms characteristic of the area, MARAS MINAS DE SAL: this place is located in the upper area of ​​the sacred valley where we find the Salineras de Maras, you will see a small amount of water that pours its salty waters into the pools, where they stagnate and where the process of from the salt of the liquid state to the solid state, thus producing salt, an element so characteristic of this area of ​​Cusco, Peru. the salt mines have more than 3000 terraces or wells the current comuneros inherited from their ancestors but now the salt works to market it.

MORAY: Here we find a kind of amphitheatres in a circular shape, in which each of the different terraces has a different microclimate, which varies depending on the height at which it is found.
The Moray complex would have more than 20 miniature sectors in which different crops were maintained according to the temperature to adapt. The tours in Moray take about 1 hour if you want to walk through all the terraces or platforms and get to know first-hand one of the most incredible places in Peru.

CHINCHEROS: A very traditional and typical place for colorful handicrafts and fabrics chinchero is attractive for the archaeological complex, colonial temple, and the Sunday market that is still bartering where they make an exchange of products. Traditions from the Inca era. Thanks to the studies carried out in the sixties, it has been discovered that some walls belong to an Inca palace covered with earth by the Spaniards, then we leave the site to return to Cusco or Ollantaytambo.


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